Who We Are

Ascent Selling Technologies LLC is a full service sales training company with over a QUARTER CENTURY of designing, developing, and delivering extremely effective and highly rated selling skills programs.  Our employees are not just developers and trainers they are highly skilled, seasoned, and award winning salespeople themselves. You can tap their experience for greater sales success.

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Selling Skills Training

You maybe curious as to how you can benefit from our products and services.

We are in our 25th year of designing, developing, and delivering high powered sales training programs and sales development initiatives to clients from large multinational corporations to middle market companies.  Our high impact programs and initiatives have helped companies increase sales, increase market share, and increase profitability.

Whether you are interested in improving the sales performance of your sales representatives, increase customer satisfaction, or increase your sales management acumen we can help you.  Based on direct feedback from our clients and their sales people, the most rewarding experience you may have is to have us assist you to achieve your goals and outcomes.

As the sales environment becomes more competitive, the process of differentiating your products and your services in the marketplace is becoming increasingly more difficult, especially in a commodities driven sales environment where product differentiation can become difficult and price can easily become the driving factor.

The challenge is . . .

How to maintain a profitable competitive edge in such a competitive environment?

We are here to assist and guide you through the ever changing sales environment and to help your sales people to achieve their fullest potential.

Ascent Selling Technologies, LLC. was founded by J.P. Thompson in 1988 and continues to operate under his direction.


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