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SellingSkillsTrainerAs a Master Sales Trainer of 38 years, I enable salespeople to achieve sales excellence to increase sales fast.

  • A published author on How To Sell
  • Achieved Amazon’s “Best Sellers” list for “Sales & Selling” and “Business Life – Communications.”

Through my experience as a sales trainer, I help sales management to identify the most critical sales competencies and the most limiting factors to sales excellence in order to achieve sales objectives.

Also, I design and deliver high quality and highly rated selling skills training programs that produce long-term and sustainable result.

Salespeople have achieved up to 70% increase in sales and increased market share as well as increased revenues. I have helped sales managers to turn around the performance of marginal performers and increase sales representative motivation through sales training initiatives.

Through my experience as a proven sales trainer, I teach salespeople how to shorten the sales cycle and achieve sales faster. As a

I show salespeople the physiological aspects of a sales call to give them the ability to create a more compelling sales message that motivates prospects to act.


A proven performance enhancing sales trainer:

“He is a outstanding at delivering a “top-shelf” program. His delivery and execution of his material is “flawless”.”

“J.P.’s sessions are consistently rated as the some of the best my people have ever attended. If your sales team’s approach has hit a plateau I would look to implement his material.”

“I have worked with JP now for 2 years and been very impressed with his breadth of sales expertise as well as his insights into sales force capability challenges.”

“His facilitation skills are excellent and it shows in the feedback from others. I would highly recommend JP!”


If your sales performance is not where you want it to be, please contact me for a free consultation.


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